Advanced Cell Therapy Options for Healing and Recovery

The first Stem Cell service in the UK to provide doctors and prescribers with quantifiable, quality assured autologous and allogeneic stem cells to be prescribed as a medicine for a wide range of orthopaedic and aesthetic conditions, manufactured under HTA and MHRA Licences.

LifePlus work in collaboration with The London Welbeck Hospital, a CQC registered premises and the home of LifePlus Stem Cells. 

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A UK First

We’re the first UK provider of quality-assured and licenced stem cells to doctors and prescribers.

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Quality Assured

We provide each and every patient with a detailed analysis of cell quantity, purity and potency.

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Fully Licensed

All of our products are fully manufactured under strictly adhered-to HTA and MHRA licences.

An Introduction to Stem Cells

We’ve produced this short video to explain the role stem cells can play in regenerative medicine while exploring the unique features of the LifePlus Stem Cell services.

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Allogeneic Products

The first commercially available human cord cells of the highest quality, potency and purity for prescribers, patients and manufacturers.

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24th May, 2020

Clinical Evidence & Research Papers

Regenerative medicine clinical research papers, including studies on common anatomical applications such as hips & knees.
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24th May, 2020

The FAQs from Doctors & Patients

Homologous, Non-Homologous, Allogeneic, Autologous, MSC's, Adipose Tissue...what does it all mean? Find out more.
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2nd May, 2020

Autologous vs. Allogeneic Stem Cells

We use the two terms frequently throughout our work and service descriptions, but what do they mean and what are the main differences?
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Autologous Treatments and Stem Cell Banking Services

Adipose-derived stem cells for regenerative medicine – A wholly transparent quality assured stem cell service, allowing patients access to a better quality of life. Your own immune system is frozen in time for when you need it most to fight diseases.

Each patient receives a certificate of analysis that certifies the quantity, purity, potency and quality of stem cells harvested for their treatments. Stem cells are grown into the tens of millions ensuring the most effective treatments regenerative medicine can offer.

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The London Welbeck Hospital is a privately owned and managed hospital which provides elective surgical procedures in a safe, discreet, comfortable and friendly environment. Find out more by visiting

Further enhance your clinical outcomes by combining treatments with extracorporeal shockwave therapy ESWT.

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