Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy Service

Quality assured, high concentration Human Umbilical Cord Tissue Mesenchymal Stem Cells (UC MSCs) for medicinal use in the UK.

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Rethink surgery, reduce risk

LifePlus Stem Cells provides doctors, prescribers, clinics and manufacturers with Allogeneic Stem Cell unlicensed medicines in doses of 5 million cells. LifePlus uses the highest quality human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells (UC MSCs) to be administered to patients who have an established medical need.

"Allogeneic MSCs have been shown to be safe in thousands of patients receiving cells via different routes and at different doses in hundreds of peer-reviewed publications reporting clinical trials. The immediate availability of high quality allogeneic stem cells allows prescribers to treat more patients quickly and effectively, without the preparation times associated with Autologous treatments."

Professor Ash Mosahebi

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World-leading Allogeneic Technology

Using leading biotechnology, together with our partners, LifePlus Stem Cells have the IP and unique methodology to harvest and multiply UC MSC’s into the millions for medicinal use, with a 80% purity.

Manufacturing is performed under strict licencing and regulations, umbilical cord tissue is taken from multiple anonymous UK consenting donors. Cord tissue sourced from multiple donors ensures a greater yield of cells, far more than from a single source. Stem cells are extracted and frozen immediately to ensure their purity, viability and potency. A full certificate of analysis is provided with every dose.  

What sets our service apart?

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Strict Licencing

Our cord-derived MSCs are acquired and manufactured in accordance with all required guidelines and regulations.

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Fully Measured

Through a commitment to quality assurance, our scientists know the exact quality and quantity of cells in each dose.

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Analysis Certificates

Our allogeneic stem cells are processed under an MHRA licence so they can be used in the clinic of any prescriber.

Stringent Processes and Licencing

LifePlus Allogeneic stem cells are processed under an MHRA licence and can, therefore, be delivered by any prescriber at their own clinic. Our unique process is able to multiply UC MSCs into millions. 

The quantity and quality of human cord cells is easy to measure, our scientists know the exact quantity and quality of stem cells in every dose approx.  5 million stem cells per dose.

Doctors, private clinics and manufacturers can purchase in vials of 5 million, which can subsequently be split into 2 single doses of 2.5 million. These doses can be administered directly to the patient’s area of concern via site injection or intravenously, depending on the condition and the prescriber.

Allogeneic Process Example


Donation and Storage

Human umbilical cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells are taken from an anonymous, fully consenting UK donor and immediately frozen


All donors are screened for blood-borne diseases and viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis, the same screening used for blood transfusions.


Cells are cultured in our lab for several days to increase potency and quality.

Chosen treatment

Your doctor writes a prescription and recommended dose.


Stem cells are ordered and delivered via a specialist courier.


The activated stem cells are given to the patient via IV or injection to repair damage tissue.

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