Why Choose LifePlus Stem Cells?

We know why our stem cell solutions and services stand out against other UK providers – but do you? Let’s explore what makes us different.

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Not all stem cell treatments are created equal!

LifePlus Stem Cells procedures use advanced GMP cleanroom lab-processing techniques to ensure that we have the right concentrations of the right cells to treat patients specific injuries and ailments.

As more and more clinics and medical practitioners ranging from chiropractors to orthopaedic surgeons begin to offer stem-cell therapies and other regenerative treatments for orthopaedic injuries, it’s important for patients to know that not all of these treatments are created equal. Most of these businesses use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ bedside centrifuge or a ball bearing device to process all adipose tissue samples.

These centrifuges and devices treat all samples the same and as a result produce suboptimal products, merely removing and separating your cells from fat and other tissue and then reinjecting the same amount of stem cells back into the patient, with no value-added. LifePlus offer pure stem cells, to our knowledge LifePlus are the only UK and EU provider to offer a pure stem cell service.

LifePlus Autologous stems cells treatment are multiplied to more than 20 times their original concentration and our allogeneic products are of the highest potency and purity, undergoing stringent regulation and testing at every step of the process.

Why Choose LifePlus Stem Cell Therapy?

Quality and safety assurance:


Highly regulated systems under the EU Tissues and Cells Directive.

UK’s first certified Autologous Stem Cell Therapy service for MSK Specialists, doctors and orthopaedic surgeons - certifying quality, quantity and purity of cells.

Highly potent and pure Allogeneic stem cell service delivered to doctors, surgeons and MSK specialists available in single-dose vials of 5 million cells, for up to two treatment areas.

Stem Cells Procured under LifePlus Human Tissue Authority (HTA) Licence.

Manufacturing is undertaken by a Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Licenced GMP facility - sterile and infection-free.

Stem Cells multiplied to concentrations not achieved by any other service in the UK.

Service delivered by leading scientists and professors, each with over 20 years’ experience.

Autologous Service delivered in a CQC registered hospital at the London Welbeck Hospital.

Stem Cell Banking licence for future health care needs.

Advanced Shockwave Therapy systems ESWT available to rent or purchase to enhance stem cell therapies both pre-treatment and post-treatment.

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